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"Out of all the therapies, Tony Robbins events, yoga teacher trainings, and other self-improvement workshops I’ve explored, David’s coaching has installed the most useful and most self-verifiable new senses in my body. Even years after my final session with him I’m seeing the effects his teaching has had, not just on myself, and not just on the ways I’m able to show up for my friends and loved ones, but even the ways I’ve been able to structure my inner relationship network to be able to mutually support and empower each other with the same values of respecting vulnerability, non-judgement, and seeing and naming the beauty in each other. My confidence in the value David provides is unequivocal. So, so grateful for him and his work."



Darius Basher and Daniel Goodman discuss their experience at a workshop from Heart To Mouth Podcast.

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02_Jessica Weibe.png

"My first workshop was with Dave and it will be with me forever. I've done several more with him because he knows how to create a safe space and take me to my edges. Recently I've become addicted to his podcasts and the realness he brings. His truth and care and instincts ring true in the room as they do on the mic. I'm thankful for this work and all that Dave brings." 


04_Harry Sherwood.png

Raw and real.  After having done 'work' on myself for 10 years, venturing into the uncomfortable has become a familiar feeling. However, David's workshop helped me feel safe enough to face the parts of myself that I have been shying away from. Through his guidance, I was able to reconnect and integrate with a long-suppressed primal aspect of my being, which is rare even amongst similar practices. I feel amazing and powerful.  My results are a testament to David's guidance and the work he shares."


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"To say that weekend "cracked me open" is an understatement. I walked out of our two short days together feeling more love and peace then I think I have ever felt. I couldn't believe the deeply connected bonds that were formed between myself and almost complete strangers and how sharing myself in a vulnerable way could ignite so much freedom and expression in me. I was able to go into my deepest/truest feelings and pain and explore and express what was there in its most authentic form. I have never felt more supported to step into my best self and to "have" all my feelings then I do being in a room with Dave and his radical aliveness groups. Dave is a solid rock with the softest, kindest, most understanding heart of anyone I know. This work has changed me forever and I am continually thrilled by the exciting discoveries and experiences I have each time I choose to show up fully and present for the group."


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"Dave's workshops nudge you towards the corners of yourself that you work hardest to avoid. There’s flailing and crying and all kinds of unsophisticated, unpracticed behaviour. It’s awful and it’s amazing. After a weekend workshop I felt like how a person must feel after confessing to a crime years later: proud to have told the ugly truth, free from the dirty weight of a secret, and full of newly liberated energy to use however I wanted."


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“David is an amazing, radical, and present human being. In my time spent with David, I have learned from him so much about how to be a grounded, responsible man, while holding the world with a soft heart. There is a sense of safety and desire to be open that comes with being in connection to a person that is willing to do their own work.  David is one of those people.”


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"I've known David for a decade, and working with him has impacted my life immensely.  He is kind and compassionate, but he will also challenge you to heal and grow. Working with him is transformational AND enjoyable.  Great healers always seem to have a light touch when working with profound life experiences. David does this so beautifully.  I wish I lived in Austin."


08_Marissa Branca.png

"Once in a while an opening occurs which offers us the opportunity to breakthrough our limiting patterns & emerge as more pure, more free, more authentic versions of our selves. The workshops I have participated in with Dave & Angela provide the structure & support for this type of alchemical transformation. Through this work, I gain deeper access to the parts of me I have kept hidden, the parts that have been shamed & exiled. In the safety of the container offered, I reconnect with the true depths of who I am, I live into my essence, reclaim my power, & practice bringing the fullness of myself into community. I come away feeling more integrated & more alive, more intimate & more embodied, with an expanded sense of self, & an inspired relationship to the possibilities available to me. The support I have received has profoundly changed my life."


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"Dave is trustworthy because even though he is wise, he never talks down to you. He's always curious, sincere, and WITH you, never that egocentric guru type lecturing on pedestal. He owns his shadow and helps you see your own! No bullshit or bypassing."


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Working with Dave has changed my life. I have more confidence in myself, more connection to the world, and renewed faith about my future. Memories and experiences from his workshops will be imprinted on my mind and in my soul forever."


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"I worked with David Sutcliffe at the Radical Aliveness Institute.  His insight into healing and his capacity in working with traumas are extraordinary. Overall empowering experience. I recommend David to anyone who wants to embark on a fearless journey of transformation and personal growth."


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“I have not found many places to really explore a powerful masculine flow, but working with Dave has allowed me to do that. I can drop in to uncomfortable feelings and find out what my deepest callings are and where my happiness is in the world. I recommend him whole-heartedly, and I think his ability to navigate group dynamics and work with the body are highly developed.”



"David is an embodiment of what I call the 'New Man'. He is a humble yet fierce warrior with a heart on fire. And I have witnessed, first-hand, his skill at going into the dark with someone and helping them find goodness and light. I whole-heartedly recommend working with him!"


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"The Core Energetics/Radical Aliveness work that David Sutcliffe facilitates has changed my life irrevocably and it continues to do so in a proactive and life-affirming way.  The work itself is very physical - this is so essential for me and for anyone who I've witnessed participate in it.  We all spend so much conscious and unconscious energy building a rampart around our true selves, the expression of our insecurities and emotions, as though they were our weaknesses.  David, with his sharp instincts and consistent patience, navigates how we mask those parts of ourselves and challenges us, at our own pace, to dive into them and mine them so what we end up with is a true knowledge and celebration of who we are and what we can become.  The fact that this all happens in a group setting (though you can do individual work with him), creates not only a community, but also reminds you, of course, that you are not alone." - Jimi S.
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"There’s something different about Dave. About how he shows up in the room, about how he guides you toward the places you may not be seeing in yourself, about his wisdom, and about his trust in your wisdom. I found there’s an electric quality, a spark of aliveness that is ignited in how he cultivates this work. I’ve done multiple workshops with Dave and each time was brought into deeper connection with myself. There’s room for everything from the primal to the tender. The invitation is to step into your vulnerability and you’re met with open arms. There is a transformational quality with this kind of work and Dave takes that to a whole new level."


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