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"The Core Energetics/Radical Aliveness work that David Sutcliffe facilitates has changed my life irrevocably and it continues to do so in a proactive and life-affirming way."  - Jimi S

Frankly, I was blown away by his Level of Skill . His in the moment inventiveness was astonishing and powerful. I highly recommend him.   - Heather M

"To say that weekend 'cracked me open' is an understatement. I walked out of our two short days together feeling more love and peace than I think I have ever felt." - Jennifer M

After a weekend workshop I felt like how a person must feel after confessing to a crime years later: Proud to have told the ugly truth, free from the dirty weight of a secret and full of newly liberated energy to use however I wanted."  - Mary A

"I am a changed individual… I stepped into the fear and emerged with an open heart, a desire to live authentically and a greater understanding of myself, others, and the complicated, yet beautiful, human condition. - Diana P


“I felt completely broken down and rebuilt in such a profound, joyous way.” - Erin O

"I felt so safe sharing my feelings and Dave is an incredibly compassionate and kind soul and I am forever grateful!”

--Shannon M

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