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"The Radical Aliveness work that David Sutcliffe facilitates has changed my life irrevocably and it continues to do so in a proactive and life-affirming way." - Jimi 

"Frankly, I was blown away by David’s level of skill. His in-the-moment inventiveness was astonishing and powerful. I highly recommend him."  - Heather M

"His workshop was beautiful and unlike anything I’ve ever experienced before. It was challenging and inspiring. I left feeling blessed and alive. I can’t wait until the next one!"
                   - Stefanie

"I am a changed individual… I stepped into the fear and emerged with an open heart, a desire to live authentically and a greater understanding of myself, others, and the complicated, yet beautiful, human condition. - Diana P

I used to feel nervous around people and afraid of saying or doing the "wrong" thing. I also felt kind of numb emotionally, and stiff. Sometimes I didn't even know what I was feeling or how to express it. Doing this work feels like coming back to life, or waking up from a long cryogenic freeze. As stuff began to move for me, I came unfrozen. I feel! I'm human! I can cry and laugh and want. I'm alive.  -Rebekah B



A Workshop with David Sutcliffe and Jana Sinyor

Toronto, Ontario

October 27 & 28, 2018

"It is precisely because we resist the darkness in ourselves that we miss the depths of the loveliness, beauty, brilliance, creativity, and joy that lie at our core."  - Thomas Moore


The Shadow is our unconscious no to life. It is the part of us that stays hidden, acts in secret, seeks to separate and stay safe. It is our life energy turned against itself, a primal protection against fear and pain. It is love rejected and distorted, transformed to hate, rage, retribution, and cruelty. It creates enemies to justify its expression, which can be overt (violence) or oblique (withholding). It is the source of all our destructive impulses, and it refuses to know itself.


The intention of this workshop is to support you in understanding and accepting this powerful energy. We'll work to reveal the complex ways it manifests in our life, examining its origins and exposing its patterns. And with safety and intention, we'll allow the full flow of these dark feelings to emerge, uncovering the vulnerability underneath. For it is only when we learn to take ownership and responsibility for our darkness, that we can truly make the choice to embrace and stand in the power and goodness of our light.

Cost: $390 before October 15, $425 after

An interview is required for those new to this work.

"To say that weekend 'cracked me open' is an understatement. I walked out of our two short days together feeling more love and peace than I think I have ever felt." - Jennifer 

"After a weekend workshop, I felt like how a person must feel after confessing to a crime years later: proud to have told the ugly truth, free from the dirty weight of a secret and full of newly liberated energy to use however I want."  - Mary A.

"Dave's workshop provides a safe surrounding where I practiced self-exploration by being the most me possible, honouring my vulnerability without making any effort to be perfect, nice, or special".
                     - Ichraq

I couldn't  help but be affected by Dave's intense passion for this work. He embodies what he teaches, brings all of himself, and the energy that radiates from him empowers and heals.  I want to bring all of myself to life. Although I'm not perfect and parts of me may be "broken" and in need of healing, I'm experiencing that it's from these "broken" parts that my essence shines blindingly bright and beautiful.  - Julie S

Within the Radical Aliveness room, the safe shared space we worked in, I found my voice, I showed my feelings.

                    -Christina W

Jana Sinyor, CCEP,  is a screenwriter and television producer, who has won numerous awards, including an international Emmy. She created the television series Being Erica, which ran for four years on the CBC, and ultimately led her to discover Radical Aliveness and Core Energetics. Jana completed her certification at the Core Energetics Institute in New York, and for the past three years, has co-faciliated a Toronto-based weekly group, and led workshops on topics close her to heart, including pleasure, sexuality, breaking free of patterns, and taking risks. Currently, Jana lives in Toronto with her husband and two children. She splits her time between writing and her Core Energetics practice. 

David Sutcliffe is an actor, filmmaker, CCEP, and a faculty member of the Radical Aliveness Institute. In 2013 he founded Radical Aliveness Toronto, where he led weekly groups and workshops, helping to build a new and thriving community. His passion to share this work led him to produce and direct Group, an 11-part series documenting a Radical Aliveness Workshop led by Ann Bradney in 2009. As an actor, he has over sixty film and television credits in his twenty year career, including the role of “Christopher” on the acclaimed TV series Gilmore Girls. He currently lives in Los Angeles CA, where he continues to act, write, and lead workshops. 

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