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"The Radical Aliveness work that David Sutcliffe facilitates has changed my life irrevocably and it continues to do so in a proactive and life-affirming way." - Jimi 

"Frankly, I was blown away by David’s level of skill. His in-the-moment inventiveness was astonishing and powerful. I highly recommend him."  - Heather M

“I have learned so much from David about how to be a grounded, responsible man, while holding the world with a soft heart. There is a sense of safety and desire to be open that comes with being in connection to a person that is willing to do their own work. David is one of those people.” - Brandon


"His workshop was beautiful and unlike anything I’ve ever experienced before. It was challenging and inspiring. I left feeling blessed and alive. I can’t wait until the next one!"
                   - Stefanie

"I am a changed individual… I stepped into the fear and emerged with an open heart, a desire to live authentically and a greater understanding of myself, others, and the complicated, yet beautiful, human condition. - Diana P

I used to feel nervous around people and afraid of saying or doing the "wrong" thing. I also felt kind of numb emotionally, and stiff. Sometimes I didn't even know what I was feeling or how to express it. Doing this work feels like coming back to life, or waking up from a long cryogenic freeze. As stuff began to move for me, I came unfrozen. I feel! I'm human! I can cry and laugh and want. I'm alive.  -Rebekah B

Fundamentals of Emotional Mastery
A Virtual Workshop

Los Angeles, CA

with David Sutcliffe and Angela Ai

April 6/7, 2019

There’s a lot happening between men and women in the world right now. 


Everyday on social media we see judgments, accusations, anger, and frustration. Many have become intransigeant and defensive, and very often cruel.


Are we in the midst of a gender war?


If so, perhaps it’s inevitable — the growing pains of the evolution into a new era of gender dynamics. 


But for many, the pain of separation, the denial of love, and the unmet longing for union and harmony has become intolerable.


Are we ready to let down our guard, to listen and bear witness for each other, and heal this divide?  


The intention of this workshop is to give you a space to explore the anger, confusion, fear, and misunderstanding between men and women. 


You’ll have the opportunity to risk letting all your feelings out. It will likely get messy and take us out of control. But to come to a genuine understanding of each another requires that we open up to a new experience of ourselves.


We invite you to join us in this exploration. It’s an opportunity to reveal and express yourself, to speak your truth, to risk the reaction, and discover what’s on the other side of the firestorm of these emotions. 


We don’t expect a perfect resolution, but our hope is that despite our differences, and the pain of the betrayals, together we can take one step closer to understanding, compassion, tolerance, and love.  



$300 if paid before March 15

$350 after


"To say that weekend 'cracked me open' is an understatement. I walked out of our two short days together feeling more love and peace than I think I have ever felt." - Jennifer 

"David is an embodiment of what l call the 'New Man.'  He is a humble yet fierce warrior with a heart on fire.  And I have witnessed, first-hand, his skill at going into the dark with someone and helping them find goodness and light.  I whole-heartedly recommend working with him!"  - David Chitara



"After a weekend workshop, I felt like how a person must feel after confessing to a crime years later: proud to have told the ugly truth, free from the dirty weight of a secret and full of newly liberated energy to use however I want."  - Mary A.

"Dave's workshop provides a safe surrounding where I practiced self-exploration by being the most me possible, honouring my vulnerability without making any effort to be perfect, nice, or special".
                     - Ichraq

I couldn't  help but be affected by Dave's intense passion for this work. He embodies what he teaches, brings all of himself, and the energy that radiates from him empowers and heals.  I want to bring all of myself to life. Although I'm not perfect and parts of me may be "broken" and in need of healing, I'm experiencing that it's from these "broken" parts that my essence shines blindingly bright and beautiful.  - Julie S

Within the Radical Aliveness room, the safe shared space we worked in, I found my voice, I showed my feelings.

                    -Christina W

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