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The energy comes directly from the ground up, through my legs and pelvis, into my torso and up out the top of my head, clean. I feel relaxed, present, open, strong, powerful, compassionate. No judgment. I’m not reaching for things. I’m not forcing anything. I’m gentle but solid. I’m not afraid or ashamed of my pleasure. I’m not trying to do anything or prove anything. My work and passion are not attached to my ego. It’s bigger than me. I’m here to be of service. I can protect myself and will not hesitate to do so. I don’t have enemies. I have a deep love for humanity and nature. I am connected to people even when I am alone. I may or may not have a woman. I feel my pain. I don’t judge my sadness or anger. I accept my limitations. I know when I need help and ask for it simply. I am a vessel, a warrior, an artist. I am aware of my mortality. I want love.

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