Has the world got you feeling a little crazy right now?


Are you struggling to find a healthy routine after this strange year of lockdowns?


Has all the change and uncertainty left you feeling ungrounded and out of sorts?


Are you spending too much time on news and social media and not enough on self-care?


Would you like to be part of a fun community to help you get back on track, or take it to the next level?





The world is in chaos. (Don't worry, it's a good thing!) It means we're changing, growing, and evolving.


But change can be scary, unsettling, and disorienting. 


In that place, it's easy to succumb to distraction, lose focus, and forget what's important.


And it's especially hard when the algorithms are designed to keep us divided, agitated, and fearful.


Now more than ever, we need strength, vigilance, and discipline to fortify ourselves against the shadow forces pulling us into apathy and despondence.


But we can't do it alone. 


I know. I've tried. And failed. I've learned that without support and accountability, it's almost impossible to stay the course.


It's more fun 
when we do it together.



We'll meet on Zoom for six consecutive Sundays starting August 22nd. 


In each meeting, you'll learn concepts, techniques, and practices that will help you take control of your physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual health.


And each week, you'll have a daily challenge to complete. Something specific and meaningful to you. Something that will help you grow, develop a new habit or practice, and strengthen your foundation.  


And each day, you'll receive a message from me with additional insights, support, and encouragement. 


We'll all stay connected on a text-group created just for this challenge. That's where we'll check-in every day and keep each other inspired and accountable.


My hope is by the end of our six weeks together you'll not only feel stronger, more empowered, connected, and alive; but you'll have an updated operating system, new tools and skills that will set you on a course for meaningful and lasting change!



I've decided that's up to you.


What investment would create enough leverage for you to fully commit to the program? To show up every day and meet your challenge?


What would be a meaningful amount of money for you?


For some, it may be $150. For others, $1500. Everyone's situation is different. 


But know that whatever amount is right for you, I want you to be a part of this, and you will have my full support and commitment.


What will the challenges be? 

You'll decide for yourself. At our weekly meeting, I'll provide the focus and framework, and make suggestions and give examples, but you will ultimately choose your challenge. The group and I will then hold you accountable. You'll be encouraged to choose a challenge that stretches you, but is also realistic. If you're uncertain or confused, I will help guide you during our meeting.

How much time will this take each week?

Our weekly meetings will last approximately 90 minutes. But the time you spend each day will depend on the challenge you choose for yourself. For some, it may be a ten-minute meditation. For others, it might be two hours of daily writing. 

What time is the Zoom call on Sundays?

3:00 pm CT.

What if I can't make a Zoom meeting?

No problem. The meeting will be recorded and sent to you. You can then choose your challenge for the week and announce it via our text group. 

I don't know how much I should pay.

Whatever exchange feels right for you. Consider an amount that will strongly incentivize you to show up every day and do the work. It should not cause you financial strain, but it should be enough that squandering it by not fully showing up for the challenge would cause you to feel regret. (The desire to avoid negative feelings is a powerful motivator.)

Is there a refund policy?

If you are unsatisfied with the program in any way, I will refund your money in full. 


David Sutcliffe is a Somatic Psychotherapist; a Certified Core Energetics Practitioner with over 15 years of experience. He has a private practice out of Austin, Texas, and holds workshops across the United States and Canada. He is also a trained hypnotherapist, a mindset expert, and has extensive experience with meditation, yoga, shamanism, physical fitness, nutrition, and wellness.  A former actor, David is well known for his roles in numerous films and television shows, including Under The Tuscan Sun and Gilmore Girls.