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AUGUST 7 & 8, 3-6pm CT

We’re all subject to powerful and overwhelming feelings.


Anger. Frustration. Sadness. Loneliness. Disappointment. Despair.

And when they overtake us, and we're lost in the vortex of our inner chaos, we suffer, disconnected from ourselves, our source, and the natural and spontaneous flow of life. 


Even worse, the root cause of these emotions is often hidden from us, below the level of our conscious awareness; and yet they hold influence over the most important aspects of our lives – love, relationships, money, and career.


We like to tell ourselves we're making coherent, rational decisions about our lives, but more often than not, we’re locked in a pattern, defended against our fear, motivated by unresolved emotional pain from our past.


Emotional blocks create distorted thought patterns and limiting beliefs about ourselves and our relationship to others. They keep us locked in a state of reactivity and disempowerment, alienated from the source of the unlimited creative power within us.

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"Dave is a solid rock with the softest, kindest, more understanding heart of anyone I know. This work has changed me forever and I am continually thrilled by the exciting discoveries and experiences I have each time I choose to show up fully and present for the group." - Jennifer Mansell

In this two-day, eight-hour virtual workshop, you will learn a framework that will help you understand, integrate, and manage your emotions through an intuitive six-stage process:

  • Awareness. Emotional mastery starts by becoming conscious and present with uncomfortable feelings.

  • Identifying The Source. We all carry wounds from childhood. You'll discover how your past is shaping your present.

  • Embracing Our Lower Self. Negative emotions are a defense against pain. Transformation requires we understand and take responsibility for the shadow of our psyche.

  • Acceptance. Emotional maturity comes when grieve and let go of what we longed for, but did not receive as children.

  • Strengthening Our Nervous System. Healing is a mental, spiritual, and physical process. This workshop will teach you somatic practices that will allow your emotions to safely move through you.

  • Establishing a New Model. It’s not enough to release old patterns. We must diligently and repeatedly reprogram our consciousness for love and fulfillment.


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