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I work with individuals, couples, businesses, groups, and organizations ready to take their growth and potential to the next level.


If you're ready to uncover the deep emotional root of all that's holding back you, your relationship, or your organization, let's set up a discover call and see if it's a good fit. 

Your potential is boundless. You know this. You can feel it.


But the mind creates limits, frustrating our growth.


Why? To avoid feeling the suppressed emotions held in our bodies and hidden from our awareness.


My work is somatic.


This means I help you feel, not just understand your emotions. Because healing occurs through the body, not in the mind.


Unconscious emotions keep us stuck in the past, producing debilitating thought loops and self-destructive behavior.


Released from the grip of these shadow emotions, you will cease reacting to life.


Instead, you will assume responsibility and create it, moving ever closer to fulfilling the promise of your unrealized genius and unwavering passion. 


This work can be challenging and confronting. It’s for those ready to dive deep and truly come to know themselves, both the light and the dark. 

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